Yugoslavian old timer
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Yugoslavian old timer trip

 „Travel back in time of romantic socialism!“

---On Yugoslavian oldtimer trip You will be travelling in a car manufactured in 1984, on the grounds od socialist Yugoslavia: Zastava 101.

Departure Mostar: Time of departure: in the morning or until noon by appointment

 Time machine takes You back in the 80s of last cetury. In Zastava, ABBA is being played by an cassette recorder, no one ownes a cellphone, tablet, personal pad or google maps...

So what did an average Yugoslavian people do on a daily trip back in the days??

Taking a swim in the river, playing badminton, reading books on the beach, enjoying in the sunlight, making barbecue, even talking with each other... Top class real fun!!


Return in Mostar: During the afternoon or evening by arrangement.

Private Day Trip up to 4 person unique price of 95 Euro!

Price is for the trip, per day, for a car, up to 4 people !!

Price is not pro person!!

Price is for a trip, per day, for a car -  travelers share price !!!!


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